Student Orientation/Resource and Job Fair

As new students to our campus, we have so much we need to tell you about Hocking College!   To help get you all the information you need, we have prepared a wonderful orientation day for you. 

Resource/Job Fair: 1pm – 5pm

New Student Orientation has been scheduled for the first Thursday, August 24th, starting with the Resource/Career Fair from 1pm – 5pm.  Please allow at least 2 hours to attend the Resource/Job Fair.  Our hope is that you will find an on-campus job before the event is over.  The fair will be help in the Student Center gym.

Orientation: 3pm – 5pm

New Student Orientation will begin at 3 pm and conclude at 5 pm.  This portion of the day is mandatory for all new students and you will be given credit for attending through your Cornerstone class.  If you have not signed up for Cornerstone, our mandatory first year experience course, please register for it as soon as possible.  This course is a graduation requirement and must be taken by all new to college students. 


Picnic: 5pm – 6pm

Following Orientation, each of your Program Directors are proud to host a picnic for you.  Come meet other students in your field of study and make some new friends & study partners.  This is also a good time to start a relationship with your instructors.  After all, they will likely be your job references on your resume in a few short years!


Please feel free to invite your parents to all of the events planned this day! 


To ensure all students are able to attend both the Resource/Career Fair and the Orientation, we will be canceling classes, but only during the time span of 3pm – 5pm.  If your class meeting time only partially overlaps Orientation, your class will continue to meet up to the start of the event and will resume following the event if the meeting time runs longer than Orientation. 

Due to program restrictions, we cannot cancel some classes.  

Classes that cannot be canceled include; EM-11030-11, FOR-1149-012, FS-1115-011, FS 1115-012, and NT 1113-014. 

Students affect by this will receive a follow-up email informing them that their class will meet.  They are expect to report to class as usual. 

A recording of the Orientation event and a set of materials will be provided to any student affected. 


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