Policy Department: Administrative Services
Policy Number: 62.001
Issue Date: 01/22/2013
Revised Date(s):
Board Resolution: -0
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Policy Statement:

The Surplus Disposal Policy has been instituted to ensure that surplus property is first utilized to the fullest and most reasonable extent possible within the college; to assist and advise on the disposal of surplus property in a fair, economical and ecological manner; and to provide for appropriate retirement of financial and capital assets.

Administrative Services must provide final approval for the proper disposal of property, including the sale, donation, scrapping or other disposal of surplus materials in accordance with college policy, The Ohio Revised Code and applicable federal laws, regulations and guidelines.

Surplus property is defined as College owned “equipment, furniture and other materials/supplies” no longer needed or in active use by the institution.

In the disposal of all surplus items, departments must proceed as follows:

  • Every department or planning unit should have an individual who is authorized to determine when property (equipment, supplies, or other material assets) is no longer useful to the department.
  • When the authorized individual determines that property is no longer useful, he or she will call Administrative Services to arrange for disposition.
  • College departments must follow prescribed procedures for the sale, transfer or disposal of surplus property.

The sale, transfer or disposal of surplus property must have signature approval of the appropriate
dean or vice president.



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