Policy Department: Administrative Services
Policy Number: 10.001
Issue Date: 08/22/2011
Revised Date(s):
Board Resolution: -0
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Policy Statement:

Hocking College seeks to reduce the risk of communicable disease among students and staff and to avert the possibility of an epidemic within the college community. For the purpose of this policy, a communicable disease is defined as a highly contagious disease spread from person to person by casual contact that can lead to a serious potential epidemic or pandemic environment that may threaten the health of the campus community.

All students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to promptly report suspected incidents of infection, take
appropriate precautions, and cooperate with the college’s efforts to limit the consequences of infection.  Communicable diseases, for purposes of this policy, are serious diseases that are capable of being transmitted to other individuals through the air or by direct physical contact between individuals or contaminants.

It is the policy of the college to safeguard the welfare of students and employees while maintaining the
operations of the college in an effective and efficient manner. The College adheres to required state
and federal guidelines with regard to Communicable Disease and Infection Control Policy.

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<p 40px;"="">1) Bloodborne Pathogen Compliance Manual
2) Emergency Management Guide

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