Leisure Learning: Introduction to Welding - MIG

The Hocking College Welding Lab is offering a 4-hour Welding 'MIG' class for the hobbyist or artist who wants to learn how to weld as a craft or occupation.

This class will introduce the student to 'MIG', GMAW welding. During this class, students will learn how to safely set up and start the welding machine, choose the correct gas, wire, voltage, and wire speed for the application. Students will also have the opportunity to learn techniques on a Lincoln Electric virtual welding simulation machine. Each student will have the opportunity to complete two small project pieces to take home with them. 

Cost is $75 per participant and includes all tools & equipment. Class size is limited to 15 and participants must be 18+. Those interested in participating can register here.
(NOTE: Class must have at least 8 participants to run.)

Interested in another type of welding technique or have a specific project in mind? Contact Michelle Robinson at leisurelearning@hocking.edu or (740) 753-7132.

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