Position TitleBegin DateEnd Date
Fish Management & Aquaculture Graduate Intern (1 year contract)04/08/2019Until Filled
Equine Science Instructor - Farrier - (9-month Professional Bargaining Unit Position)06/10/2019Until Filled
Adjunct Anatomy and Physiology Instructor10/17/2018Until Filled
Adjunct Math Instructor04/05/2019Until Filled
Part-time Police Officers (Non-Bargaining)10/15/2018Until Filled
Adjunct Sociology Instructor07/20/2018Until Filled
Adjunct Psychology Instructor07/20/2018Until Filled
Adjunct Culinary Instructor Position07/30/2019Until Filled
Adjunct Nursing Instructor - Clinical 10/17/2018Until Filled
Adjunct Cyber Security & Network Systems Instructor 04/05/2019Until Filled
Coach - Cheerleading07/07/2019Until Filled
Adjunct English Instructor04/05/2019Until Filled
Professional Tutor - Math (Part-time, Flexible)07/28/2019Until Filled
Adjunct Accounting Instructor - Daytime Classes04/05/2019Until Filled
Police Officer (Full-time OPBA Bargaining Unit Position) 06/16/2019Until Filled
Enrollment Navigation Manager06/16/2019Until Filled
Dispatcher/Communications Officer - Hocking College Police Department07/16/2019Until Filled
Cook 308/05/2019Until Filled
Fish Management and Aquaculture Science Program Manager 07/29/2019Until Filled
Adjunct Environmental Education Instructor07/29/2019Until Filled
STNA (State Tested Nursing Asst.) Program Manager03/26/2019Until Filled
Hall Director for Residential Programming07/07/2019Until Filled
Adjunct Natural Resources Instructor - Gamefish Identification and Fish Culture07/29/2019Until Filled
TRiO Academic Advisor / Tutor (part-time)07/07/2019Until Filled
Adjunct Instructor - Geology07/07/2019Until Filled
Criminal Justice Program Manager06/16/2019Until Filled
Facilities Supervisor08/12/2019Until Filled
Manager of Library Services08/13/2019Until Filled
Cook - Casual Temporary12/11/2018Until Filled
Adjunct Instructor - Cannabis Laboratory Technician07/30/2019Until Filled
Director of Institutional Research & Planning08/08/2019Until Filled
Adjunct Instructor - Web Development07/01/2019Until Filled
Adjunct Instructor - Automotive Technology12/03/2018Until Filled
Professional Tutor (Part-time, Flexible)03/28/2019Until Filled
Adjunct Instructor - Microbiology05/20/2019Until Filled
Adjunct Instructor - Medical Laboratory Technician05/20/2019Until Filled
Adjunct Instructor - Certified Dog Trainer05/28/2019Until Filled
Adjunct Instructor - Certified Groomer05/28/2019Until Filled
Adjunct Instructor - GIS/GPS06/04/2019Until Filled
Facilities Project Specialist - Level 106/09/2019Until Filled
Facilities Project Specialist - Level 206/09/2019Until Filled
Facilities Project Specialist - Level 306/09/2019Until Filled
Adjunct Instructor - Health Care Core Curriculum (Medical Terminology)07/07/2019Until Filled
Adjunct Instructor - Dental Hygiene07/17/2019Until Filled
Dispatcher / Communications Officer (Part-Time) - Hocking College Police Department07/18/2019Until Filled
Food Truck Manager/Chef/Catering Specialist07/28/2019Until Filled
Licensed Electrician08/14/2019Until Filled
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