Position TitleBegin DateEnd Date
Adjunct Fitness Management Instructor06/12/2017Until Filled
Adjunct Math Instructor06/12/2017Until Filled
Part-time Police Officers (Non-Bargaining)02/28/2017Until Filled
Adjunct Heavy Equipment Management Instructor06/12/2017Until Filled
Adjunct Psychology Instructor06/13/2017Until Filled
Adjunct Hotel & Restaurant Management Instructor Position06/12/2017Until Filled
Adjunct Chef Instructor Position06/12/2017Until Filled
Adjunct Nursing Instructor - Clinical 04/01/2017Until Filled
Adjunct Opticianry Instructor06/12/2017Until Filled
Adjunct Cyber Security & Network Systems Instructor 06/20/2017Until Filled
Adjunct Art Instructor06/12/2017Until Filled
Adjunct Network Systems Instructor06/12/2017Until Filled
Adjunct English Instructor06/12/2017Until Filled
Adjunct Communication Instructor06/12/2017Until Filled
Adjunct Accounting Instructor06/12/2017Until Filled
Adjunct Business Instructor06/12/2017Until Filled
Adjunct Medical Assistant Instructor06/12/2017Until Filled
Adjunct Geology Instructor07/19/2017Until Filled
Adjunct Massage Therapy Instructor04/01/2017Until Filled
Dispatcher/Communications Officer - Hocking College Police Department06/19/2017Until Filled
Adjunct Criminal Justice Instructor06/12/2017Until Filled
Catering Employee - Intermittent04/12/2017Until Filled
Adjunct Western Civilization Instructor06/12/2017Until Filled
Adjunct Insurance Instructor06/13/2017Until Filled
Adjunct Anthropology Instructor06/12/2017Until Filled
Executive Assistant to the Vice Presidents Office09/08/2017Until Filled
Vice President, Business Services/CFO09/12/2017Until Filled
Welding Program Manager 05/15/2017Until Filled
Network/Server/Telecomm Technician06/12/2017Until Filled
Systems Analyst06/12/2017Until Filled
Adjunct Theater Appreciation Instructor06/13/2017Until Filled
Adjunct World Religion06/13/2017Until Filled
Adjunct Real Estate Instructor06/13/2017Until Filled
Adjunct Pastry Chef Instructor07/03/2017Until Filled
Emergency Medical Services Field Precepting Technician07/06/2017Until Filled
Department Chair - Agriculture and Animal Sciences07/14/2017Until Filled
Adjunct Night Interpretation Instructor07/19/2017Until Filled
Adjunct Instructor - Map Reading and Interpretation07/19/2017Until Filled
Adjunct Physical Sciences Instructor07/19/2017Until Filled
Adjunct Environmental Sciences Instructor07/19/2017Until Filled
Adjunct Medical Terminology Instructor07/20/2017Until Filled
Adjunct Physical Education/Yoga07/20/2017Until Filled
Adjunct Holistic Health - Aromatherapy Instructor07/20/2017Until Filled
Adjunct Agricultural Equipment Operations Instructor07/24/2017Until Filled
Adjunct Nutrition Instructor06/30/2017Until Filled
Adjunct Equine Science Instructor07/25/2017Until Filled
Adjunct Nutrition Instructor07/25/2017Until Filled
HVAC Program Manager07/31/2017Until Filled
Adjunct Carpentry Instructor10/16/2017Until Filled
CDL Class A Instructor - Full time08/15/2017Until Filled
CDL Class A Trainer - Part time08/15/2017Until Filled
Facilities Staff - Temporary/Substitute 09/15/2017Until Filled
Education Program Manager10/05/2017Until Filled
Culinary Program Manager09/19/2017Until Filled
Business Program Manager09/25/2017Until Filled
Equine Science Program Manager10/10/2017Until Filled
Heavy Equipment Program Manager10/10/2017Until Filled
Medical Laboratory Technician Program Manager10/10/2017Until Filled
Construction Program Manager10/10/2017Until Filled
Student Life Activities Coordinator10/24/2017Until Filled
Interpretation Program Manager11/02/2017Until Filled
Music Program Manager11/09/2017Until Filled
Cyber Security & Network Systems Program Manager11/09/2017Until Filled
Adjunct Water & Wastewater Management Instructor11/09/2017Until Filled
General Studies Program Manager11/09/2017Until Filled
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