• No, magazines are for library use only. There is a photocopier available if you'd like to make copies of articles, or you may be able to find the same article online through the OhioLINK databases.

  • Our current subscriptions are arranged alphabetically by title. The current issue should be on the shelf. If you lift up the shelf, we keep 1-3 years of back issues in addition to the current issue (varies by magazine/journal). Some back issues of paper copies are kept at the end of the magazine shelving (if we no longer receive that particular title or if additional storage space is needed).

    We also keep older magazines and journals in bound volumes. Bound volumes are kept behind the circulation desk (although a few can be found in the stacks).

  • Go to the circulation desk and ask for the magazine/journal title and year (or volume number) that you need. Bound volumes must stay in the library (except those that are shelved in the library stacks).

  • You can find many additional magazine and journal titles in the library's online databases. If you'd like to see if a specific title is available online (in a library database), use the OhioLINK Electronic Journal Finder.

    If a title isn't freely available online, there's a good chance that we can order a photocopy from another OhioLINK library. You'll need to print or copy the publication information, including the author, article title, magazine/journal title, volume/issue, year, and page numbers. Please see Jeff to order an article or send him an e-mail.

  • Please see the database FAQ

  • Magazines are aimed at a more general audience. Magazines usually have several advertisements, short to medium-length articles, and are published weekly or monthly. Examples of magazines are Newsweek, Ebony, and Martha Stewart Living.

    Journals are aimed at a scholarly audience (usually professionals/faculty in the same field). Journals have little to no advertising, longer in-depth articles with bibliographies/references, and are usually published bi-monthly or quarterly. Examples of journals are Journal of Wildlife Management, Holistic Nursing Practice, and Criminology.

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