The mission of the Ombudsman is to assist students with the resolution of problems to support retention and to foster respect across the campus community. The Office of the Ombudsman provides a safe, comfortable, and confidential environment for students to discuss their concerns or complaints outside formal channels. The Ombudsman cannot impose solutions, but identifies options and strategies for resolution.

The Ombudsperson will:

  • listen and help to analyze the problem or complaint
  • identify and explain relevant university policies and procedures
  • help to define and evaluate options
  • help to resolve problems informally and expeditiously
  • make inquiries into a problem, complaint, or concern
  • mediate conflicts
  • initiate discussions with other involved parties (with appropriate consent)
  • make referrals to other campus and community resources
  • recommend changes in University policies or procedures that may be outdated, ineffectual or arbitrary

Before contacting the Ombudsman, students should attempt to resolve their issues at the department or service center level. If a satisfactory resolution has not been obtained through these channels, the student should request assistance by filling out the Ombudsman Assistance Request form.

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