Policy Department: Administrative Services
Policy Number: 45.002
Issue Date: 01/03/2011
Revised Date(s): 02/13/2013
Board Resolution: -0
Policy Document(s):
Policy Statement:

Effective January 1, 2011,
Hocking College instituted a parking fee for students parking vehicles on the Nelsonville campus according to the following:


  1. Semester parking permits will be sold for $53 (autumn and spring semesters)
  2. Summer semester parking permits will be sold for $35
  3. All year parking permits will be sold for $120 (valid summer, autumn, spring semesters)
  4. Replacement parking hang-­‐tags must be purchased at the semester permit price ($53)
  5. Students registered ONLY for PED 101-­‐240 Recreation (Student Center facility use) and/or non-­credit Student Center courses will be issued a Visitor Parking Pass valid for the semester of enrollment.


  • Students attending all campuses, including Nelsonville, Logan and/or Perry Campus are required to have a parking permit for all locations.
  • Motorcycles and bicycles are excluded from this policy
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