Hocking College offers employment opportunities for students through regular part time employment or through the Federal Work Study Program (FWS). To be considered for FWS, you must indicate your interest in employment on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

There are also paid student employment opportunities while working within community service. For more information about paid community service opportunities, please contact Office of Financial Aid.

To apply for Student Employment and for a list of all Hocking College departments and available positions, please visit the Office of Human Resources, located in 210 Oakley Hall.

The following is a list of departments and supervisors for possible student employment opportunities:

Position TitleSubCodeContactPhone
America Reads - Tutor AMREAD N/A N/A
Community Service - Student Assistant Off Campus N/A N/A
Culinary Arts - Student Assistant CULINAR N/A N/A
Dining Services - Student Assistant FOOD Betsy Hall
(740) 753-6111
Police Department - Campus Safety Officer (CSO) SECUR Tiffany Inskeep
(740) 753-6589
Residence Life Office Staff - Hocking Heights 108 HHOFF N/A N/A
Student Center - Lifeguard RCLG N/A N/A
Academic Success Center - Peer Tutors TUTOR N/A N/A
Access Center Office- Student Assistant Access N/A N/A
Admissions Office - Student Assistant ADMGEN Stephen Powell
(740) 753-6122
Athletics Department - Student Assistant ATHL N/A N/A
Auto Lab / Fleet - Student Assistant AUTO William Alder
(740) 753-6571
Bookstore - Student Clerk BOOK N/A N/A
Cashiers Office - Student Assistant CASH N/A N/A
Facilities - Main Campus -Student Assistant CUSTOD N/A N/A
Financial Aid Services - Student Assistant FINAID N/A N/A
Fiscal Office - Student Assistant FISCAL Kimberly Taylor
(740) 753-6563
Fish Hatchery- Student Assistant Hatch N/A N/A
Grounds- Student Assistant Grounds N/A N/A
Health/Nursing- Student Assistant Health N/A N/A
Heavy Equipment- Student Assistant Heavy N/A N/A
Horse Science Lab - Student Assistant HORSE N/A N/A
Human Resources Office - Student Assistant HMNRES N/A N/A
Information Technology - Student Assistant PC N/A N/A
Lake Snowden- Student Assistant LKSNOW N/A N/A
Library Support LRC N/A N/A
Mail Room - Student Assistant MAIL N/A N/A
Marketing Office MARKTG N/A N/A
Music Office- Student Assistant ABS N/A N/A
Natural Resources Office - Student Assistant NROFF N/A N/A
Natural Resources Prep Room- Student Assistant NRPrep N/A N/A
Nature Center- Student Assistant NatCent N/A N/A
Perry Campus - Office Assistant PERRY N/A N/A
Registrar- Student Assistant Regist N/A N/A
Residence Life Success Mentor (RSM) HHRA N/A N/A
Rhapsody- Student Assistant Rhap Jennifer Yanity
(740) 753-7603
Robbins Crossing - Student Assistant ROBINS N/A N/A
Student Center - Front Desk RECCEN N/A N/A
Student Center - Sports & Fitness - Student Assistant RECCEN N/A N/A
Student Center-Outdoor Pursuits - Student Assistant RECCEN N/A N/A
Warehouse - Student Assistant WARE II N/A N/A
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