Policy Department: Administrative Services-HR
Policy Number: 58.002
Issue Date: 05/26/2009
Revised Date(s): 12/03/2010
Board Resolution: -0
Policy Document(s):
Policy Statement:

Hocking College maintains a policy against any form of workplace harassment. All forms of harassment are strictly prohibited. This includes harassing, offensive, threatening or violent behavior by employees or non‐employees (vendors, job applicants, students, visitors, spouses, etc.) against self, others, College property, or on College premises.

The policy applies to all persons employed by or under contract employment with the College. Each department, Vice President, Director, Dean, Manager, Supervisor, and Employee is responsible for keeping the workplace free of harassing, offensive, threatening or violent behavior. It is the expectation of the College, that all employees are respectful and civil in all forms of communication.

Profanity, and offensive/inappropriate will not be tolerated. If an employee believes that a remark or certain words are offensive, please refrain from using them. Any employee who finds himself/herself a victim of profanity or offensive/inappropriate should contact their immediate supervisor or a member of the Human Resource Department.


  • Any verbal, non‐verbal, or physical conduct designed to annoy, intimidate, threaten, or unlawfully coerce another; and/or
  • Any conduct, which creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive working environment.

This policy covers all College premises and College‐sponsored events as well as all campuses. The Human Resources Department will coordinate the investigation of all reports of threatening or violent behavior promptly, impartially, and as confidentially as possible.

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