Policy Department: IT
Policy Number: 02.004
Issue Date: 01/26/2011
Revised Date(s): 11/07/2012
Board Resolution: -0
Policy Document(s):
Acceptable Use Guidelines and Examples
Policy Statement:

All computing resource and network users must:

1. Comply with all federal, Ohio, and other applicable law; college rules and policies; and the terms of applicable contracts and licenses.

2. Use only those computer resources that they have been authorized to use and only in the manner and to the extent authorized.

3. Respect the finite capacity of resources and the network and limit so as not to consume an unreasonable amount of resources or to interfere unreasonably with the activity of others.

4. Refrain from using computing resources or network for commercial purposes.

5. Refrain from stating or implying that they speak on behalf of the College.

6. Refrain from issuing true threats or fighting words.


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