Policy Department: Academic & Student Affairs
Policy Number: 12.002
Issue Date: 01/22/1991
Revised Date(s): 11/17/2010
Board Resolution: -0
Policy Document(s):
Policy Statement:

The following are criteria for becoming a school within the college.

1.) The accommodation is requested by the unit.

2.) The Provost/Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs and the President of the
College have both provided positive recommendations for the creation of the new school
within the college.

3.) The school is of sufficient size to warrant consideration.

4.) Application for “school” status must be submitted to the President of the College; the
application must include

a.) a narrative stating a reason for the change and how it will
enhance the unit,

b.) a description of the unit’s commitment to the evening division,
offering seminars, developing opportunity for the College’s geographic broadening—
interstate, international activities,

c.) a statement of fund raising/grant development
commitments being made for the development of the new school. A review team comprised
of the President, the Board of Trustees Chairman, an administrator (not in line), and a
faculty member (not in line) will conduct the audit of the application.

Upon acceptance by the Board of Trustees, the “school” will become official with transitions into new
budgeting procedures, new governance possibilities and responsibilities, and the new school’s
leadership position/director becoming a deanship.

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