Policy Department: Administrative Services-HR
Policy Number: 32.002
Issue Date: 01/01/0001
Revised Date(s): 12/03/2010
Board Resolution: -0
Policy Document(s):
Guidelines- HIPPA
Policy Statement:

The College has adopted a policy that protects the privacy and confidentiality of protected health information (PHI) whenever it is used by the College representatives. The private and confidential use of such information will be the responsibility of all individuals with job duties requiring access to PHI in the course of their jobs.

PHI refers to individually identifiable health information received by the company’s group health plans and / or received by a health care provider, health plan or health care clearinghouse that relates to past or present health of an individual or for payment of health care claims. PHI information includes medical conditions, health status, claims experience, medical histories, physical examinations, genetic information and evidence of disability.

The College has designated the Assistant Director of Human Resources or Director of Human Resources as the HIPAA Compliance Officer (HCO), and any questions or issues regarding PHI should be presented to the HCO for resolution. The HCO is also charged with the following responsibilities

a) issuing procedural guidelines for access for PHI;

b) developing a matrix for personnel who will need access to PHI: and

c) developing guidelines for describing how and when PHI will be maintained, used, transferred or transmitted.

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